Thursday, April 30, 2009

End of April

Just a short posting to conclude the month. Tomorrow is the beginning of May and we'll start off with a new restaurant tomorrow night. More on that on the next posting.
We have been splitting time between home, both of us cooking, and many familiar places. To name a few: "Sky Galley" at Lunken airport which we find satisfying both at lunch and dinner; "Trio's" in Kenwood, a good place to meet our friends who live in Blue Ash and beyond, always food well prepared and well served; "Bonefish Grill", Hyde Park, a nice seafood menu to which has been added lately Walleye Pike and Shrimp Pad Thai; and of course our newest "hang out" the "Oriental Wok" in the Regency. I have to go there as they brought in regular Bombay, just for me, and beside the food is great. I also left out a second visit to "Dusmesh" on Ludlow, in Clifton, our current favorite Indian Food establishment.
I also feel duty bound to pass on a couple of comments. Our son, who lives in Mendocino CA, took umbridge with my remark that Ed Saxon of LA reads my Blog more than my own children. Those of you with children know that a parent can't win.
Several people pointed out the "Terry's Turf Club" is a mad house between 7 and 9 PM. I think in one of my posting I suggested going either before 6 PM or after a movie or other event.
And lastly I might a very nice, young women in line at "Whole Foods" and we have been exchanging Blog addresses and comments. Give and take.
I'll be here next month with more comments.

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