Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am torn between keeping my word, not really, and making this posting. In the last posting I said we were going to a new restaurant and that I would report. After being there I decided not to write anything, because it is possible that I would not be fair, but then I had sort of given my word, a high commitment in my book.
Friday night was cloudy with rain squalls. We set out at 6:25 PM to meet another couple at 7 PM at "Basilico" 6176 Tylersville Road, Mason, OH, 45o40 phone 513-492-9519. I had called the day before to get the best directions and spoke with the owner, who is very nice but challenged in English. She was raised in South America of parents who both came from Rome.
I thought she told me to get off I-75 at exit 21, which I did. After a stop at a UDF I was sent back and told I should have used exit 22. We drove Tylersville Road from I-75 to I-71 seeing one building with a street number. Finally past I-71 some young women in a Sinoco station turned me around and gave us a land mark she thought was near the "new "restaurant. When I arrived at 8 PM, probably no place would have made me happy.
"Basilico" had been recommended by a women, in our building, who makes the "worlds best Pasta", not an award I give easily. Following her advise seemed logical.
"Basilico" seems to me to be more of a Pizza place than a full service restaurant. Our friends had ordered a Pizza, I couldn't fault that, and it came shortly after we arrived, without plates. Our server had been in the business 2 days and was pleasant but above her head. Eventually I left my seat and asked someone in the kitchen for a couple of plates for out friends. Their Ice Tea came as "hot tea" and when the owner came to correct the drink order we spoke to her about our dinner.
She makes several Pasta's, and upon her recommendation, I had the homemade Spinach Ravioli in a Vodka sauce while Marilyn had Tagliatelle in a light cream and mushroom sauce. Both made by the owner.
There was nothing wrong with our two dishes, $16.99 each, but neither was outstanding and I will try to wangle an invitation from our neighbor when I want good homemade Pasta. Nothing comes with the main course, which is served in a bowl without a plate. Silverware is wrapped in a paper napkin and glasses are plastic.
If I lived in the neighborhood I might return but if I am going to drive to "Columbus South" I'll continue the journey to a good deli in German town.

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