Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tardy Blogger

I like that title. Sounds like I'm about to write a mystery novel, but don't be fooled, I'm just back to my prosaic reporting after a bit of a hiatus.
Wednesday, June 13 we took of for St. Louis and the Commencment activities, of our eldest Grandchild, Trisha Wolf. She was graduating, with honors, from Washington University.
Approaching Indianapolis it started to rain. That contiued for the next 4 hours to Collinsville IL. It not only rained but stormed and sent a deluge over us and the highway. As it turned out we were in luck, as that was the only interfearing weather of the weekend.
We arrive on the Washington University campus around 3 PM CST and checked into the "Knight Center" a lovely Conference Center, excellently located. It was a "tough ticket", that weekend, and Trisha had stood in line a year eailier to get us our rooms.
Trisha had chosen the restaraunts for the weekend and we, all the imidiate family, who were present, assemble for diner at "Sweetie Pie" 4270 Manchester Ave. St. Louis 63110, phone 314-271-0304. I don't know where Trisha had gotten the suggestion the but "Sweetie Pie" was great.
The restaurant is a "Black" run caffateria with a southern menu. It is on a well lite street corner and has an open, bright ambiance. The clientel seemed about 60% black and 40% caucasion with everything from families to us old cougers.
I chose to bypass the meats, although one of our party gave me one large deep fried chicken wing, but went for good sized portions of sweet potatos, Greens with Cabbage, cooked, of course, with pork, Stewed Okra and Tomatos and the necessary Corn bread, to mop up the "pot liquor" For desert I had wonderful Peach Cobbler, remanisant of my youth when our laundress thru together a heavenly mixture of homemade dough, peaches and sugar.
Others at the table had the Chicken Wings, Roast Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Green beans and the Apple Cobler.
No alchohlic beverages are available but there are the soft drinks, Ice tea coffee etc. The total bill was $100 for the 8 of us, including the tip.
The only disappointment was that Trisha'a sister, Kathryn, was delayed by storms and spent the night in a chair at O'Hare airport. She arrive early the next morning.
I'll move on to other activitetes in the next Blog but before I forget we did attend, in the early evening an honors cerimony where Trisha was awarded her Magna Cum Laude, proud family.

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