Sunday, May 24, 2009

St.Louis-Day 2-Thursday, May 14

It rained Wednesday night, but luckily it was from midnight till 4 AM Thursday morning. The only vestige was deep puddles in the seats of thousands of plastic, folding chairs, set up for the next day. We knew then and there that we would carry some towels or plastic, to outside events.
Thursday morning was the "Arts and Science Recognition Ceremony" held in the largest Gymnasium. We were seated in an overflow gym, and small world, the people next to me were from one of my friends home town and had grown up with him. We stayed thru part and then while the ceremony ground on, we and our son and his wife walked around the Campus.
Lunch was at "Eleven Eleven Mississippi", 1111Mississippi Ave. St.Louis, MO 63104-phone 314-241-9999. Outstanding.
There were 9 of us, Kathryn having arrive early from O'Hara, and we started with 2 wonderful, very thin crusted Pizzas. One veggie and the other Pear and Fig. I personally don't remember better Pizza, ever. They provided about one piece each. Marilyn and I split and order of Caesar Salad, whole Romaine leaves, and "wild mushroom Polenta. The Polenta was creamy and the sliced mushrooms abundant. I also ordered a side of Brussell Sprout, which again we passed around. The Brussels Sprouts were marble sized and beautifully glazed.
Others had a "1111 BLT" Sandwich, Baked sliced apple, Lobster and fried green tomato. This wonderful combination was served on Croissant, hardly rich. The Grilled Cheese had 3 different kinds of imported cheese and thick sour dough bread. This is no ordinary lunch counter. There were several salads, split, and several soups. As a final stuffer we all sharers one order of white chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and Carmel sauce. I could have stayed all afternoon and we did till after 3 PM. We ate in a pleasant court yard under a bright yellow awning, on a beautiful afternoon. I could have eaten all our meals there.
After lunch we went to the riverfront to visit the Arch and see a bit of downtown St. Louis.
The afternoon was well gone and so after cleaning up we went to a private home for an "open house" giving by one of Trisha's friends family. The food was plentiful but of little interest to me after lunch.
Later in the evening, those of us staying there, met in the "Pub" in the Knight Center. Drinks and a light snack and the the ancients went off to bed while the younger attendees went to a Pizza place, Obama's favorite, which they reported pailed in comparison to the lurch variety.

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