Friday, May 8, 2009


As you know I only put on this Blog places I have been and things I have eaten. However several weeks ago we watched, on the Food Channel, a program entitled "Diners, Drivein's and Dives". It spoke of "Glenn's Diner" in Chicago. I emailed my Chicago friends, mostly elderly, like me, and none knew of it. After some research we found the place at 1820 W Montrose, 60613-phone 773-506-1720 and one ancient and one younger couple tried it out.
Here is the report from a good friend who is only 50:

"Hope you both are well. Ok a quick rpt on dinner at Glenn’s Diner. Nice people. Big wait. Need reservation on weekend or an hour wait, somewhat less if willing to eat outside (in lesser weather) or at bar. Menu is fun. Fish is mainly daily menu listed on chalkboard. I had sturgeon –first time for me it was not smoked and from deli – which sort of disgusts me. This was a “fresh” fish – supposedly out of Colorado river, halibut type texture. Don’t remember what the sauce would have been, but they offered to switch the sauce to horseradish sauce (which I wanted with the halibut but that fish, like others I’ve gone after, already got away). Fish was great for all. Don’t recall what fish Jamie had but she ate it all and gave rave reviews. Wendy was smitten with her scallops. Also a treat were the baby back ribs we had as a starter (from lunch menu). Meat fell off bone, was lean and tender though charred, and unusually peppy red sauce. Side of spinach in olive oil was tasty. The potato pancake with ribs was unusual and good. Probably could cause major arterial clot. The dessert was something chocolate I didn’t eat –Jamie liked a lot, Wendy said was ok. There’s a sweet shop / ice cream place across the street. Glenn’s serves lunches and breakfasts at all times. Has some all you can eat wk nites with crab legs, peel and eat shrimps and other stuff. Fun place. Right near bustle of L at Montrose. Definitely worth trying – and taking people otherwise might eat lamb while in your company. Thanks for alerting us. The founding proprietor, Glenn, got his start at Davis St. Fish Market in Evanston, which you may know is also good – more traditional, larger."

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