Monday, May 11, 2009

High Calorie Saturday

Everyone has heard of "Fat Tuesday" often associated with Mardi Gras, but I want to report on a high calorie Saturday and possibly some other intake.
I received a call, last week, from "Mecklenburg Gardens" 302 E. University Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219, phone 513-221-5353, reminding me that the second Saturday of each month they had what they call a "mustard tasting buffet. A friend and I decided to go and there in lies the Genesis of my "high calorie Saturday".
The buffet is a heavy, German inspired, sausage lunch with 8 different sausages, mashed potato's, sour kraut and soft warm pretzels with a hot beer cheese sauce and 10, not great, mustard's. None of this would be acceptable, to me, without a large stine of beer. I can't remember all the different sausages but I tried the "Bier Wurst", a very spicy (and they meant it), Knottwurst and a Swedish Sausage which was a mixture of ground meat, mildly seasoned, potato's and chives, that one was not memorable. I passed on the potato's but had two helpings of the sour kraut and the pretzels. My beer was a 20 oz stine of very dark creamy brew, excellent. The cost is $10 for the buffet, drinks not included and gratuity, and you can return as many times as you want. The crowd, many stereotypical, heavy German types made for a congenial atmosphere.
After nodding thru my bridge game we prepared for the evening. A couple came by for drinks, nibbles and conversation. My Bombay was accompanied by two vegetable birdnest appetizer's, from "Trader Joe's" and two different cheeses served with various crackers.
About 8:30 PM we decided to go to the "Sky Galley" at Lunken airport( reported on previously) where I had the usual excellent chicken livers with grilled onions and bacon, served with potato, either baked or "Saratoga Chips". Had to have the chips plus another stine of dark beer.
Just to prove I am completely out of my mind, when we got home I forced myself to have a taste of Graeter's Chocolate Chip accompanied by a home made cookie. I'm sure I had gone well past the 10,000 calorie count for the day. Remarkably, on the scale the next morning, I had only gained one pound.

Almost as an after thought I should tell you that we also went, with another couple to "Deweys Pizza", in Clifton, before a class, Tuesday night, where we all shared a very good 17" wild mushroom Pizza and a very large salad. Almost starvation vitals. I think "Deweys" makes some of the best pizza in Cincinnati, but that is not a area, pizza, that I visit often.

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