Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bits and Bites

Let's start with last night. Dinner again at the "Oriental Wok", "it's getting to be a habit with me." This time was different as I let the chef, Guy, choose the dishes and was rewarded with one of the best meals I have experienced in a long time. Besides a wonderful array of appetizers we feasted on a fresh Tomato and Egg, stir fry, this one had beef added but it was not necessary, as the dish can easily stand on it's own with just those two ingredients, or we could have substituted shrimp, chicken or pork. This dish alone made the evening. Other dishes were "glass" noodles with shrimp and crab, seared scallops and chicken with mushrooms.
As if this wasn't enough we had a dark, thick chocolate mousse and a unbelievable white chocolate scone with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries and blue berries. Heaven at the Regency.
One slight digression: someone, on the Internet, criticized the restaurant because the chef is Caucasian. As most of the readers of this Blog know kitchen staffs, in the year 2009, are very international with Hispanics preparing classic French cuisine, Asians as the top people in better Italian spots, African-Americans grilling steaks at Western Corrals, and so why not Caucasians doing Asian? "Nuf said".
Polly Campbell had written up the "Oriental Wok" in Friday's paper and gave it 4 stars, which it deserves. My only comment on her article, and she is a professional food critic, is that I have found the customers more varied, than she, on my visits. Families, Business gatherings, young people and different races and age groups. All are welcome.
During the past week we hit two Italian restaurants. Last Saturday night, our 55th, it was "Prima Vista" and upscale fine establishment. The last couple of times I had some slight reservations but I am happy to report that all was back to their usual high standards. My Scampi with Angle Hair and Fungi was truly delicious and all in our party, of 5, had the same reaction. Monday we were with another couple at "Maggiano's, Little Italy". A popular chain spot in the Kenwood Mall. Again we were a party of four and we split, for the table a full order of salad and half orders of Chicken Francesca, Mushroom Ravioli and, at Marilyn's instance, spaghetti with meat sauce. No one went hungry and the whole dinner with several drinks, tip and tax was $30 each.
Our other venture out was "Cumin". I have reported on meals at all these restaurants previously and therefore are not listing addresses and phone numbers. "Cumin" is part of our regular eating places and as you can see "Oriental Wok" is in this status also. At "Cumin", among the restaurant family, Marilyn and I split an Indian onion and potato soup, of which I could have made my whole meal, and their always superb Lamb Shank. Passover was past and so we could have one of their wonderful Nam's, this one onion and cilantro.
We have no plans for restaurants the coming few days so unless something out of the ordinary pops up, and it probably will, I may stay out of this site for awhile. Enjoy.

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