Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Seder's

I assume anyone reading this Blog knows that the Seder is the service heralding the 8 days of Passover. Different Jews celebrate one or two nights, as is their tradition. We usually do just one but this year we were invited to a 2nd, at "Murphin Ridge Inn" which we eagerly accepted.
Wednesday night we held our Seder hosting our 2 in town children, cousins, in-laws and guests, 10 in all. It is our habit to invite first timers, usually non-Jews as well as regulars. We do my Fathers condensed service and after this have our meal, uninterrupted by more ritual.
Our traditional starters are Gefilte Fish, from a jar, served with horseradish and Marilyn's Alsatian Matzo Ball soup. We found Yehuda Gefite Fish, this year, and it was much more tastie than what we have used in the past. the Matzo balls in the broth of beef vegetable soup, run thru a follie food mill, are made starting with soaking sheets of matzo, not meal, and then sauteing the pressed matzo with egg, parsley, ginger, onion and salt and pepper. Superb.
This year we followed with marinated and grilled, boned leg of lamb, wild rice, form Minnesota, and mushrooms, spinach and kale Gratinee, cut up fresh fruit and a great flowerless chocolate cake from Bon Bonerie. All was accompanied by several bottles of Havens Merlot.
Thursday night was special, for us. There were 18 in all and a beautiful table had been set in a private dinning area. We arrived early, as Marilyn provided the Matzo Ball soup. During the pre dinner visit we were treated to excellent hostess made chopped liver and several red wines.
The family had written there own service, which rivals ours in length and concluded when dinner was served, the same as is our custom.
Besides the Gilfilte Fish, not much taste, and the soup, of which I had two portions we all were served a hard boiled egg, which is another tradition. Lots of Matzo, Haroses(chopped apples, nuts, honey, etc) and wine went with the starters.
Dinner, close to 4000 calories for me, were platters of roast chicken, beef brisket and Matzo brie, along with bowels of wonderful roast new potato's, fresh asparagus, "Simmes"( cooked sweet potato's, carrots, fruit and root veggies) and a delicious course vinegar cabbage and peppers Cole slaw. As if this wasn't enough there were 3 dessert plates. Delightful layered sponge cake with coarsely chopped, baked apples and powdered sugar, rich flowerless chocolate cake and assorted candies and pastries. All the dishes one thinks about when imagining an old time, traditional Seder. We were blown a way. What a treat. Luckily Marilyn doesn't drink so the ride home was incident free except for the moaning and groaning caused by overeating.

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