Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yes, we go out a lot and it seems there is no real geographic boundry. We live East of downtown but since the dividing line is supposedly Vine St. we obviously go both East and West, as well as North and South.

After seeing the "Capitol Steps" one night last week we went to "Parkers" Blue Ash Tavern, 4200 Cooper Road, Blue Ash (513)891-8300 for a late night snack. I have never been impressed with their menu  but I have never been there on this time schedule( 9:30 to 10 PM). The offerings are perfect for a drink and late supper. Our threesome had a Shrimp Bruchetta, Chicken Pot Pie and Caesar Salad with crisp fried Calamari. Each was attractive and very satisfying. It opened my eyes to a North suburban late night spot.

By Eden Park is "View Cucina" 2200 Victory Parkway, owned and operated by the Stevens family who also have "Bella Luna" on Eastern Ave.We were there during restaurant week and their 3 course special ($33) filled the bill with both food and portions being more than adequate.My Venison and Marilyn's Filet were both prepared as ordered and served as a wonderful main course around which we indulged in appetizers and dessert.

A going away dinner for our Granddaughter, in Law school in Seattle, was the reason for an evening at "Jean Robert's Table" on last Monday night. The restaurant was a little over half full which meant the service and attention could not have been better. I started with a "special", Shrimp salad and this was my only disappointment for the evening. It contained one and a half shrimp, sliced and placed on a bed of shredded carrots and cabbage which had been marinated in a vinegar based dressing.
My main course was Skate and it was done to perfection and served with cubed purple potato's and a bed of cauiflower and brussels sprouts. The light sauce also had a tang of vinegar which set off the combination beautifully. My daughter started with the Johnah Crab Salad which was, by far, the best first course of the evening. Drinks, wine and dessert made it a full, festive, family, evenit.

An interesting place for lunch, this week, was "Boswell's", 1586 Blue Rock Street, Northside. A neighborhood bar where the food fits with the surroudings. My lunch was a home made meat loaf sandwich served with French Fries, for which they gladly substituted sliced fresh tomatoes( I was trying to behave). It came on toasted whole wheat and the appropriate condiments were available. Others had, pulled pork, Cheeseburgers, Boursin Burgers and a fried fish sandwhich( you get the idea). The place is a throw back and a fun change of pace.

Today I returned to "Great Scott" on Madison Road in Oakley and "missed the boat" I again ordered the shrimp wrap, which is very good, but when the women at the next table was served the hamburger, probably large enough to share, I knew I should have gone in that direction. be fore warned.

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