Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's new?

"Great Scott" 3355 Madison Road, Oakley (513)-533-3456, is the first branch of the restaurant that operates on Ohio Pike. It has opened in the last month in the location last occupied by "Nick's Chops and Chasers".
The ambiance would never bring anyone, there, but the food is very plentiful, tastee and well priced. Service is attentive and helpful. It is a good value restaurant. It was also new for us. ( Polly try it)
We went first on a Sunday night. I had the pan seared Walleye while Marilyn ordered the Wiener Schnitzel( pork). Both dishes were sufficient to share and were served with appropriate sides. The Walleye was prepared with some sliced almonds and came with a large helping of fresh mixed vegetables and a mound of seasoned rice. Marilyn's Schnitzel was deep fried, quite crusty and again large enough for two normal eaters. It's accompaniments were a slightly tart German potato salad and bright green steamed broccolli. Sides are interchangeable, upon request.
Later in the week we returned for lunch where I ordered a Shrimp PoBoy wrap and Marilyn had the Veggie Wrap, both came with Cucumber Salad. Half of each were taken home with us.
I don't want to jinks the place or my wallet but the bar drinks are the least expensive of any place we frequent, they must be Ohio Pike prices, not Oakley.

Dinner one night was at "Tano Bistro and Catering" 204 West Loveland Ave, Loveland OH (513)683-8266. The proprietor was a chef for a large seafood chain and the seafood is always a good bet, I mostly stick with that although other items are interesting and well prepared. My entree was a Boston Bib lettuce salad of diced Strawberries, avacado and minced red onions in a aged Balsamic dressing. This was topped with four, grilled, Diver scallops. I have to rave about the fresh Peach Tarte Tartan which is one of the best pastries I have ever enjoyed. The crust was flaky and absorbed the peach juice and sugar forming, when baked, a golden chewy layer of absolute delight.

Back to our "hangout", "Otto's" Main St. Covington, for Fried Green Tomato's, perfect, as always. Salmon, medium rare( towards rare), served with asparagus and sauteed, sliced mushrooms, and an accompaning glass of Wahington State dry Reisling. We probably go too often but as the song says, "it's too hard to forget"( or resist).

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