Monday, September 24, 2012

The Anchor

I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of "The Anchor" 1401 Race St. Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 421-8111. This new seafood restaurant, located at the North East corner of, the rebuilt, Washington Park, is only a block away from Music Hall and adds a convenient destination on Symphony nights and and other occasions in that venue. Arriving early, parking and walking both to dinner and the performance has many advantages.

Derek Dos Anjos and his wife moved back to Cincinnati, from NYC, she grew up in Clifton, and opened "The Anchor" in Over the Rhine last week. He worked at both "Mary's Fish Camp" and "Pearl's Oyster Bar" in Manhattan. He has brought some of the ideas from these restaurants here, and unfortunately, in my opinion, some of the prices. Prices range from very reasonable, the large "Trout BLT"( $13) to upper price points "Lobster Roll ( $27), in this season of lobster plentifullness.

All the servers seem to have had experience and the surroundings and service were both very pleasant.
It is unfair to report on a new restaurant, with only one visit but we we're all pleased with the items as presented. The bar prices are fair and based on the competitive Cincinnati range.

The table selections, for the four of us were: Caesar Salad, good sized portion ($8), New England Clam Chowder( $7), Fillet of the Day( $20), Fried Oysters($9), Lobster Roll( $27), and a Trout BLT with Vidalia onion rings, large ($13). All dishes came hot and well prepared and all were satisfying.  There are "raw bar" platters running from $40 to $75, beyond our appetite or desire.

From several comments I have received I feel compelled to once again state that I consider myself neither a food critic nor reviewer but just someone who likes to eat out and reports on where we go and what I feel about the food served. I started this at the urging of some OLLI members who took the course, "Let's Eat Out" at UC. Food is very subjective and each of us has personal tastes and preferences.

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