Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been a great booster of Danny Meyer's original book, "Setting the Table". He very clearly draws the distinction between service and hospitality. The later is making the consumer feel highly important and trying to "go the extra mile".
This all came to mind when I had lunch, with my Granddaughter, at "Senate" 1212 Vine Street, OTR( over the Rhine) Cincinnati (513) 421-2020. The two of us had split, and enjoyed, the excellent mussels, a grilled peach salad, more lettuce than peaches, and to my taste rather bland, and a Lindsey Lohan Hot Dog. The latter is a grilled beef sausage to which a goat cheese spread and carmelized onions are added. The whole concocsion is topped with plenty of Arugula. Anyway we wanted to carry-out and order of the mushroom soup but were told they had no carry-out containers. I suggested that they pack it in it's regular serving bowl, and let me give them a deposit until I returned the bowl. This and all other suggestions( an empty jar, etc.) were turned down, although our server, I assume, asked the acting manager. In my mind they missed the oportunity to distinquish themselve on the hospitality front.

Earilier in the week we enjoyed dinner on the patio of "Laszlos Iron Skillet" 6900 Vally Lane, Cincinnati (513) 561-6776. We had not eaten there in several years, I don't know why, and had never eaten outside.The weather was very enjoyable and so was the food. Drinks are very reasonable and the food is all moderatly priced. Tuesday is "second dinner free night" and although that menu is quite small a couple can easily enjoy sufficient, tasty food food about $15 total. Try that at "Skyline".
Marilyn and I both had Schnitzel, she plain and I Ala Holstein, which was very good and a very decent sized portion, our main courses cost $10 and $12 respectivly. We chose the escolliped potato's for our side and were very pleased with our selection.

On the news front "The Anchor" 1401 Race St. OTR (5130 421-8111 begins a few days of "soft openings( friends and families) tonight. I know neither there regular hours or when they will open to the public. My guess is within the next 8 days. There current menu is a small one stressing shell fish, including Lobster , augmented with popular stand-bys, fish and chips and a fish or two of the day. More after we have been.

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