Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heading South

In Lewiston, Maine you can get in your car and drive in any direction. For us it was an easy decision to head South, and so on Saturday morning, Sept 27, we loaded the CRV, minus the things left with Kathryn and headed towards Portsmouth New Hampshire and the Passer-Krieger Family. Alice is a cardiologist based in Exeter, NH and Barry is the Rabbi for a very small, and interesting, Congregation in the northern suburbs of Boston. As luck would have it, when we arrived at their beautiful home, on a tidal marsh and bay, we found both of their boys home for a visit.
After a full house tour and much discussion we all drove back across the river to Kittery, ME and "Warren's Lobster House",11 Water St., the quintessential Maine Seafood establishment. I had my last "lobster roll" of this trip while the others, 7 in all, ordered everything from "salad bar" to Pasta and seafood. Warren's Lobster House is good but the most outstanding thing was our attractive server who after getting a BA with an English major had decided to go back to school to receive a nursing degree in a more guaranteed hiring profession. Smart young women and passable seafood.
By mid afternoon we were off for our next stop, Boston. Around 5PM after fighting rain and Boston traffic, enhanced by the last Red Socks, Yankees final series of the year, we arrived at our destination for the night, Brookline,MA in the vicinity of BU. Because the college is around the corner, there is no "on street parking" so the next 10 minutes, in the rain, were spent rearranging cars in the driveway and on the sidewalk.
We spent the night with Carol Gladstone and Ben Wipple and their terrific kids, cats and "this old house". We had all decided that we would dine at one of the "Legal Sea Foods" Restaurants that cover the Boston area. After the kids got home, from more important activities, cleaned up and went to "Legal Sea Foods", Park Square, 26 Park Square, Boston, MA. This one was selected because it is right next to the parking garage where Carol has a reserved space. More on eastern big city parking when we get to NYC.
We pulled out all the stops, even going so far as letting the kids order 2nd's to the items which adults had taken to large a "bite". Drinks ran from Juices to Gin. First courses, hot appitisers(shrimp wontons, fried oysters, etc) salads and of course clam chowder, while main courses included trout, salmon, shrimp, pasta and Squid. We didn't skimp on beverages, including red and white wines and with two teenagers there had to be numerous deserts. A suite at a deluxe hotel would have cost less than our "free" third floor walk up bedroom; but the company would not have been as delightful. Legal Sea Foods is a well known and well run operation and the food and service is always good, if not memorable.
Finally to bed, after more talk, an a good nights rest accompanied by rain on the roof.

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