Monday, October 27, 2008


"Heavenly taste"; just what does that mean? I, personally am not sure there is a Heaven, or the other place, but if there is, just how would it taste?
All that aside, I enjoyed some of the finest Pasta of my life last night.
We have a neighbor of Italian decent and this lovely, active women is her late 80's is a master of making and serving Pasta. She out did herself with a wonderful fettuccine with a ground veal and fresh tomato sauce(very light ) plus the appropriate shredded cheese and a warm pottery bowl of perfect proportions. I was somewhere out of this world.
I can't recreate her receipt but I know that she spends hours "rolling and folding" the pasta dough before hand cutting the noodles. It is so light that without the sauce it would probably float out of the bowl.
Along with this beautiful dish she served white wine, a salad of greens and grapefruit sections with a very light dressing and Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. One of the more delicious and fill meals of memory.
I do not usually write up home cooking but I just could not miss the opportunity to report.

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