Friday, October 10, 2008

On to New York

Sunday Sept. 28, our son, Charles, Birthday, the rain continued but was lightening and more spotty. The poor weather, of the weekend, was all do to the rain surrounding Hurricane "IKE". Maine was under a hurricane watch for the first time in 17 years.
We loaded the car and headed south on I 95 crossing a tiny part of Rhode Island and into Connecticut, beautiful territory, especially as the rain ended. We were on our way to visit some other young relatives who live in Madison, Connecticut. I assume Madison is considered to be part of the greater New York area even though New Haven is the closest large city. Madison is l0vly as are many places along the Long Island Sound. Our relatives chose to have Brunch( approximately 1 PM) at "Elizabeth's Cafe", 885 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT.
"Elizabeth's Cafe" has grown from the kitchen and and storage facilities of a Catering company, "Perfect Parties". Added to the basic facilities are 2 "tea-room"type dining areas. White table cloths, New England wooden furniture and cafe curtains to match the decor. The food was better than the average Brunch. All was served on individual plates except for the basket of warm bread and rolls. I had an excellent corned beef Hash, not the packaged variety. The beef was actual chunks and the potato's and onions were also. I asked that the hash be crisp and that the poached eggs be firm but still runny. I am happy to report everything came as ordered. The other male duplicated my order while Marilyn had a beautiful Quiche and the other female had a tomato, herb and Goat Cheese omelet. Fresh orange juice, coffee and tea augmented the main courses. Total cost, for the 4 of us, including tip was $72.
By 2 PM we were again on our way to Mamarineck to visit my first cousin and her friend( whatever the PC for older people spending time together). We had been invited to attend a house concert given by the Brentano string quartet. The concert, which was called for 4 PM, but started late, was wonderful and the home, inhabited by an art dealer, was amazing. A special treat added to our journey. After the concert, and some discussion, the four of us went to try a new restaurant which they had heard about in what we thought was Larchmont, NY.
"Spadaro Restorante", 211 Main St. New Rochelle, NY, phone 914-235-4595 is the kind of small, strip mall Italian Restaurant you hope to find often, and are usually disappointed. The family run operation, we were served by the sister-in-law of the owner chef, was started about 4 months ago by a family that recently emigrated from Rome( not NY). It is crowded, full of families and will drowned you in food if you let them. We were served, without menus, and I only wish I had had paper and pen to record what came to our table. The Antipasto went on for almost an hour and contained close to a dozen dishes. Memorable were the bowl of hot mussels, potatoes in an olive oil and lemon broth, both asparagus and small green beans lightly sauteed in olive oil and herbs, Cappinota, sausage, cheese, mellon and prosciutto and too many others to remember. We had a fine bottle of Valpolicello and a pasta with 3 kinds of mushrooms, small pieces of prosciutto and a very light cream sauce. The meal was delicious and we will return, if possible. We quit about 9 PM and the place was still full. Our cousin's friend lead us to the proper "free way" and headed us towards Manhattan where we arrived at 10 PM, with only one, expensive, wrong turn. Incidentally our dinner at "Spadaro" cost $35 each including tip.
Next comes NYC where dinner for one can cost what the above meal cost for the four.

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