Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wee still Eat Out

Oct. 7 my course at UC, "Let's Eat Out", began. It is interesting that we did not eat out much that week, having returned from our eastern road trip where we were eating out almost every meal for 11 days. Home cooking was very good, as usual at the Hirschhorn home.
On Friday night the 10th we went with another couple to the "Embers" in Kenwood. As many restaurants, reacting, to the downturn in the economy, the 'Embers' have a special 3 course menu offering 3 courses for $33. The four of us took advantage of this advertised special and found that the "Embers" was most accommodating in allowing some substitutions to what they offered. I was not in the mood for steak or the other items and I asked if they would include the special of the evening. red grouper, on the $33 diner. I was pleased when they agreed. The grouper was grilled and covered with a light Lobster sauce which included Bay shrimp and pearl onions. It was served on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes, which I substituted for plain mashed potatoes, and accompanied with steamed spinach; a excellent dish. Marilyn stayed with the 7 oz tenderloin which she enjoyed. We both had Caesar salad and flowerless choc. cake with vanilla ice cream. With he steak she had french fries and a side vegetable. Very good dinner and very good value.
Monday night Oct 13 was the "Greyhound Tavern", Fort Wright KY, and the family fried chicken dinner. Still a good buy at $13.95 including a half chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cole slaw, bisquits and honey. All served family style and constantly fine quality and refills as much as desired.
Wednesday night, before the Ensemble Theatre we had dinner at "Lavomatic Cafe" 1211 Vine St, a few doors north of the theatre, 513-621-1999. Marilyn and I both had a delicious roast duck dinner with ample duck on a bed of creamed spinach. The duck was accompanied by a pumpernickel, apricot savory bread pudding and interesting and tasty addition. I choose a glass of "Cote de Rhone" which went perfectly. The play, "Sea fairer" was long, heavy but excellently done.
Thursday night 6 of us went to "The Precinct" Delta and Columbia Pkwy- 321-5454. This is our neighborhood watering hole. There has been a change in management, not ownership, but the food and service remain the same, first class. Marilyn and I almost always split a steak, a baked potato, onion straws and have our own salad. This is what we did and since it was one of the couples 61st Anniversary (long haul) we provided a raspberry cake from Bon Bonerie. A filling evening in several ways.
Continuing our support of the economy we went, with 2 younger people, not family, last night to "Otto's" 512 Main St. Covington KY. To comment on "Otto's" is really not fair. We feel like part of the family and are treated accordingly. Paul Weckman and his wife Emily Wolf started Otto's 6 or seven years ago at age 22. They started by serving sandwiches for lunch and now have a restaurant open 5 days per week for lunch and 4 nights for dinner plus brunch on the weekends.
Paul spoke at my class this week along with Renee Schuler, who operates a catering business.
Back to dinner. The four of us had an appetizer of "friend green tomato's" which I think they do better than anywhere and 4 different entrees. Tilapia, Roast Pork, Shrimp and Grits and Pene Pasta with shrimp, and 3 different onions. We all sampled everything. We had an excellent bottle of Pinot Noir, I wish I had written down the name. and shared one dessert for the table.
I am very fond of the place, the food and the owners. "Nuf Said".
As you can see we, well, made up for our nights at home after our travels.

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I agree with the NuVo comments. Lots of dough with not much to show.