Monday, October 13, 2008

South and West

We're getting to the end of the saga about our driving trip East.
Thursday morning, Oct 2, we loaded the CRV and pulled away from our great, free parking place of E 75th St. It took about an hour to clear Manhattan, via the Lincoln Tunnel and be on our way South on the Jersey Turnpike. Destination Baltimore. On the way we switched hotel reservations as we decided to combine our Washington stop with the Baltimore visit and head home on Friday.
I held off for my lunch but Marilyn succumbed to a "Whooper" when we hit Delaware.
I was rewarded with an excellent lump, crab meat cake after we checked in at the Hampton Inn, Glen Burnie. The hotel sent us to "Mo's Seafood Factory" 7146 Ritche Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 410-768-1000. It turns out that Mo's is a local chain with several stores and restaurants through out the area. Their Lump Crab Cake, $14.95, was all anyone could wish. White lump crab meat held together with a little egg and a hint of mustard, devine.
Dinner Thursday night was at "Fleming's Prime Steakhouse", just what the name implies. Our guests included our son Charles big boss, John Erickson and his wife, a nephew from D.C. and a cousin, who is in the Masters program at Johns Hopkins, and her friend. Fleming's is in a prime location, in the Inner harbor, at 720 Aliceanna St, right across from the downtown Marriott. It's decor matches it's menu, which is build around steaks, although there are other items.
We all had drinks and shared several bottles of wine and each of us had an excellent salad. The main course was steak and truly it was as tender and well prepared as any that I can ever remember. I am not a steak eater, and the menu does have other items, but my shared strip was delicious. Of course we had to have some "sides" and they, Shoestring Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus and Sauteed Mushrooms, were first class. Peach cobbler and coffee rounded out a near perfect evening.
Fleming's is a family owned and run business and the care and attention show. It was a fitting conclusion to our 10 day and 5 lb, gain, week in the East.

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