Monday, December 8, 2008

Cheddar Cheese

Last week I bought a chunk of Cheddar Cheese at Costco. I was seduced by the price, just over $4 a pound. This afternoon I'll open the cryopack and cut it into pieces, which I'll distribute to family and friends.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday we had 12 for lunch and dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday. A lot of trips to Kroger's, Sheadeau Bread and Finley market. Thursday was the typical Thanksgiving dinner with all the tried and true regular dishes except for dessert for which Marilyn and the granddaughters made a French Cracker-crumb pie (actually a nut torte). The next morning I fixed Egg's and Onions to go with the pecan rolls.
Friday night we had Baked Beef Tenderloin, my Mother recipe along with German, or Austrian, Matzo Balls, also home made with granddaughter help, and Brussels Sprouts. Actual we had Brussels Sprouts both nights, Marilyn Harrises recipe Thursday night and mine Friday, the sprouts were on sale at Costco and were small and sweet.
Saturday night was carry in Pizza, from "Pomadore", and tossed salad. Lunches were "clear the refrigerator" plus "carry in". By Sunday we were down to 5 and we had a marinated Pork Tenderloin. Five added pounds and 12 people later we were ready to slow down, but still eat out.

The three restaurants we have visited since last posting are: "Nada", "Trio" and "Honey"; interesting how many restaurants have single names.
"Nada" 6th and Vine is great for dinner, drinks and talk either before a downtown event, when it is crowded, or after an early evening meeting or show, around 9 PM when you can eat and linger. Modern Tex-Mex, as I have reported.
"Trio" in Kenwood is the home of the North Suburb regulars. Their food is consistent and the service is good. The night we went I had a nice chopped salad and a Thai Chicken Pizza, both very well presented and tasty.
"Honey" Northside on Hamilton Ave. remains a favorite. We had an "OLLI" Brunch there and I was so taken by the crab cakes, they served, when we went for dinner I had a double portion, of that appetizer for my main course. Others, for there entrees, had wild mushroom Ravioli, Lamb Shank and Beef Short ribs, all excellent.
So that's the holiday and time since. UC Football has been amazing and I hear there is also another team in town.

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