Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"It's a hard knock life"

As I tell anyone that takes my course"Let's Eat Out", at the UC adult education division, the restaurant business is one to avoid unless you really have an unbelievable commitment. It's full of surprises, disappointments and changes in perfect planing. A case in point:
Our family, 12 strong, gathered for Thanksgiving weekend. Age spread 83 to 11. I thought it would be fun for all to go to "Vito's Cafe", 654 Highland Ave. Ft Thomas KY-859-442-9444. Vito's has signing servers and a wonderful new menu. It had been highly recommended, in my prior Tuesday class, by Marilyn Harris. I called Saturday morning and left word, which was returned about 2 hours later. Vito, the owner and I had a long pleasant discussion and he said they would be handle our party at 6:45. That in itself was remarkable for a last minute Saturday night, possibly because it was the Thanksgiving weekend.
Two hours latter some family matters came up and we were force to cancel.
Now if you run a restaurant you make special arrangements to handle a large party, at the last minute, and I am sure we caused extra work, and possibly cost, for them by our reverse of plans, for this we apologies. Hence the title of this entree. Marilyn and I will try Vito's and give a report after eating there, I'm sure it will be delicious.

For ED: Thursday night our LA family and those of us from Cincinnati went to "Walt's Hitching Post". I've written about this Ft. Thomas Road House on numerous occasions. There were 11 of us seated at one large round table. Walt's is famous for the hickory Bar-B-Qued Ribs, justly so, in my opinion. I had been told by several people that their Fried Chicken Livers were "out of this world" and so instead of ribs I ordered chicken livers, mac and cheese and apple sauce. Nothing was bad, it really was OK, but next time it will be back to the ribs.
The rest of our group had, Ribs, Steak or Prime Rib. all were well satisfied and it proved to me to stick with what you know is good. The last time I deviated was in Cody, WY, at a bar, when I ordered fish instead of a hamburger, a huge mistake.

Today at lunch a friend and I went to "The Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern", 2692 Madison Road, Norwood, OH-513-841-2739. The restaurant is in the Rookwood Shopping Center. Rusty Bucket is part of a small chain, this is the 12th store, out of Columbus OH. It is a tavern with an extended "bar food" menu. My friend had root beer, a Philly Steak sandwich and onion rings while I had a very good Char Grilled Chicken Salad with greens, blue cheese, diced onions and an excellent light vinaigrette dressing. Total for the two of us, including a coffee was slightly under $27
plus tip. I'll try it again. It is what it is.

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