Friday, December 12, 2008


Today I had lunch scheduled with a good friend for 11:45. She is attractive, intelligent and very good company and so I look forward to being together. I was sending an email at 12:05 when the phone rang, next to the computer, and the voice on the other end asked if she had mistaken the date, time or meeting place? Good lesson, look at your calendar at least every morning and possibly more as you age.
With much chagrin I threw on some cloths, hopped in my car and hurried to "Yat Ka Mein" Noodle House, 3546 B Edwards Road, Hyde Park Station, Cincinnati, Oh 45208-phone-513-321-2028. A new spot for us both.
"Yat Ka Mein" had been recommended by several oriental employees of Saks Fifth Ave. as there favorite Chinese place in Cincinnati. No ambiance in this small strip mall off Edwards Road but good, steaming food , made to order and all served in bowls, except spring rolls and the like.
I am currently reading "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles", a Birthday gift from our Mendocino family. It is written by Jennifer 8. Lee and tells about her experiences as an American Born Chinese(ABC) and her exploration of Chinese restaurants and dishes. I had just finished the Chapter on General Tao's Chicken and so I was anxious to try the dish.
Arriving late my lunch companion had already had a spring roll and a pot of Green Tea. I ordered the chicken, which came high in temperature, low in spice while she chose Dan Dan Noodles. As is our custom we each tasted the others dish. I found "Yat Ka Mein" more than satisfactory. The lunch portions of each item were $5.25. I will return for good Asian food in a very local setting. Carry out is readily available.
Monday night was another ethnic treat. "Cafe Mediterranean"-513-232-2400 in the Beechwood shopping center serves excellent Turkish and Mediterranean fare, also, and not to be overlooked bottles of wine are half priced Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We shared a Oregon Pinto($23).While 3 or the four had lamb Shishkabob I chose marinated and grilled chicken thighs, I was not disappointed. Marilyn and I shared a Sheppard's Salad, plenty for each, and the warm pita, which comes with each diner, plus sides make a filling and delicious meal.
That's the nights out so far this week. Wednesday we entertained and we both cooked, but that's another story.

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