Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicago/North Shore

At the end of our trip to northern Wisconsin we spent a couple of days in the North Shore communities, along the lake, north of Chicago. We stay with good friends in Glencoe IL where we lived for almost 13 years and enjoy catching up with people who currently live in the area.
The first night, with our hosts, we had a late diner at "Ravinia Grill" 594 Roger Williams Ave. Highland Park IL 60035 847-433-1111. We have eaten there before and returned for the ribs which we have found good on other occasions. Wednesday night they were outstanding. We have been bemoaning the news that "Walt's", in northern KY, is closing, at least temporarily, but left the "Rivinia Grill" knowing that rib preparation is in good hands and that even though we only get to Chicago once or twice a year we could satisfy ourselves with a product at least as good, if not better, than those we may miss here. The ribs are dry rubbed, seasoned, grilled and served with sauce,"on the side", which I did not find a necessary addition. The meat is firm, has to be chewed of the bone, and full of flavor and very little fat. Along with the ribs we had an interesting "special salad". a mixture of slaw in a light, creamy, season dressing and iceberg lettuce, different and quite good. There is a large selection of potato's( home fries, baked, both white and sweet, regular fried, both white and sweet and mashed). I passed on the potato's, although Marilyn's home fries were super, and chose instead sauteed fresh spinach. What lengths I wont go too to feel I'm eating healthy.

The next day we joined another couple for lunch at "Max and Benny's" 461 Waukegan Rd. Northbrook IL 60062 847-272-9490. If in the area "Max and Benny's" is a must for us as Cincinnati is a "deli free" zone, too bad. This establishment has a really complete deli menu and choosing is a chore, but a pleasant one. I have never been disappointed whether it was soup, meat, fish or any spread or combination. For the meal in question I had a "sweet and sour" cabbage soup followed by a wonderful copped liver sandwich( on excellent rye) to which I added a slice of sweet onion and fresh tomato slices.The dill pickle spear was green and crisp and the slaw pleasantly tart.
Marilyn went with Mushroom Barely soup, her comfort food, and a "corned beef on rye". What could be more indigenous.

That evening 7 of us had dinner At "Demetri's" Lake Cook Road just two lights West of Waukegan Rd. 847-940-0777. This fine basic, blue and white, Greek Restaurant has a full fish menu, which changes often and is prepared very well. Marilyn's favorite fish is "Dover Sole" and it is quite often found at "Demetri's" at a very reasonable price( that night $32). The group started with an array of hot and cold appetizers and they literally pecked at the offerings leaving Hugh amounts on the platter. Seeing the proceeding I passed on a main course and filled myself, to overflowing, with an eggplant caponata, minced chicken and chives in tsatsiki sauce and a mixture of creamed cheese, anchovy paste, mashed white fish seasoned with paprika and cayenne pepper all accompanied by toasted Greek bread chips. The hot items were roasted peppers, calamari, grilled shrimp, Greek sausage and a marinated( oil and vinegar) red cabbage slaw. I'm stuff just writing about about it.
The smarter people had ,Dover Sole, Tilapia, whole roasted Snapper, Gyros and Spanakotiropti( a spanikopita pie). All the main courses come with a Greek salad and are quite sufficient in of themselves. White wine and coffee completed our Greek seafood evening out.
Good food and drink at a reasonable price, $195, before tip, for the 7 of us.

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