Friday, August 6, 2010

My Baby( Honda) has a Fever

I love my 1999 Honda CRV ( currently 161,000 miles). Two night ago the A/C didn't seem to work and yesterday, on the way to lunch, at "Joe's Diner" it started to steam and the temperature gauge hit HOT. It is now at the pediatrician's( mechanic's) getting a new radiator and thermostat.
Lunch at "Joe's Diner" 12th and Sycamore in Cincinnati, yesterday, was, to say the least stressful. While we waited for the tow truck to come we also waited for our food to come from the kitchen. We had told them that we needed to be served promptly, however, the kitchen was not performing well and so the food and the truck arrived at the same time( 40 minutes after we).
"Joe's Diner" is the current incarnation of the "Diner on Sycamore". It is the third or fourth operation to be in the expanded, old, railroad dining car at that locati0n. The menu seems to be diner food, Breakfast items, burgers etc. plus some very interesting other items. I debated between "shrimp and grits" or a "poor boy"( several ingredient choices) and finally settled on the later. My "shrimp poor boy" came on a warm Pita and the shrimp, which had been grilled, we placed in a bed of cole slaw and chopped fresh tomato's. The sandwich was very good as was the side of, sweet, not greasy onion rings, which I chose over FF potato's or chips. I was treated but I believe the cost was $8.95.
I will try "Joe's" again under less trying circumstances for them and for me.

Wednesday lunch was at Finley Market, with Marilyn and our eldest Granddaughter. I have eaten there several times (lunch) with in the last month. We usually tour the market area, which offers everything from Bar-B Que to cake, before deciding on our choices. This time I had a walnut, grape and chicken salad sandwich, on a Croissant with fresh romaine and sliced tomato, produced by Silverglade's. I believe the combination is run thru a food processor as the end product is very smooth almost like a paste.
Marilyn had the same while or granddaughter had a roast turkey and fresh vegetable sandwich for Skirtz and Johnson. This came with a salad of "field" greens and berries. Neither place is in the market house but the are just across and ally way, one North and the other South. For dessert we split a large, sweet, pastry and fresh raspberry bar, topped with vanilla icing. Total for the three of us was in the range of $20. As cheap as "Skyline" and hopefully much healthier.

We have been out 3 nights this week for dinner but I'll get to those reports in the next day or so.

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