Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today for lunch I once again went to "Joe's Diner" 1203 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-421-5637. Unfortunately I was again less that thrilled. The servers are peppy and pleasant but the food coming out of the kitchen takes longer than it should, for diner fare, and once it arrives it is less than spectacular. My choices may not be the best, some, I'm sure, are more satisfied but my pasta, written up as Penne Pasta in a creamy Cheddar sauce and topped with real crab and a crust, on the menu, turned up in the bowl as, Penne, some of which clung together in a rather vapid mild cheese and cream sauce with crumbles of tasteless crab, possibly canned, and chopped tomato's. The dish was also medium warm in temperature, not great for a cheese dish. I asked for a pepper mill and was told that they do not have any. So much for Joe's.

Last night 3 of us went to "Wild Ginger" 3655 Edwards Rd Cincinnati, OH 45208 513-533-9500. We had had drinks, at our Condo, so went right to work on 6 excellent chicken "pot sticker" before devouring an order of Chicken Pad Thai( 5 on the spice range out of 10), Walleye in three spices, Marilyn's favorite, and always nicely done, served surrounded by Broccoli Florette's. My selection was a "spicy seafood salad"- lettuce cucumber slices and red and green peppers, covered with generous portions of "fake" crab, shrimp, calamari and mussels, on the half shell. The dressing is light but with a kick.
We all ate some of each, with the main amount going to the orderer and split a 21 oz bottle of Japanese beer with Marilyn share being about 1/2 oz. Nice food and nice time.

In the morning we head back to Camp Nebagamon for our third and final visit this summer. What will be in the next posting, who knows, but it wont appear until sometime after the 20th of August.

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