Monday, August 2, 2010

Why can't we?

Last week, Monday, Marilyn and our granddaughter stopped on the way home from Wisconsin at "Shaprio's Delicatessen" 808 S. Meridian, Indianapolis, IN. They ate lunch, Matzo Ball soup, sandwiches and soft drinks, but more important, to me, they brought home for dinner, Corned Beef, Smoked Tongue, Chopped liver and rye bread. Now why can't Cincinnati support a good delicatessen? Indianapolis, Columbus Ann Arbor and other neighboring city seem to be able to do so but we have to go out of town to satisfy our cravings. Incidentally I fixed myself Monday night a tongue and imported Swiss cheese sandwich, ate some liver on cracker and topped it all off with fresh sweet corn and field ripened tomato's, great supper for a weary road warrior.

This past weekend we were out both Friday and Saturday evening. Friday was "Otto's" in Covington, you read about it almost as much as the "Oriental Wok". They have really been busy, of late, and Friday was no exception. Therefore, our service, from an attractive, pleasant server was spotty, probably as she was overextended, however my Flounder dinner was excellent, and that is the important ingredient for an dining establishment-serve good food. The Flounder was prepared as well as I have ever had it. The large, moist serving was done to perfection and was served with a roasted red pepper puree over citrus flavored rice. The fish was criss crossed with roasted fresh asparagus; beautiful, taste dish. The table, 4 of us, split an order of warm apricot bread pudding with a rich Carmel sauce. Filling and satisfying meal.

Saturday night, another standby, "Maggiano's" in Kenwood Mall hosted us and another couple. When I say they hosted, we paid the bill but since each couple had cupons the total cost was about 50% of what charges came too.
In my opinion the meal Saturday night was not as enjoyable as previous occasions. A 7:30PM Saturday night reservation is a difficult one both from a parking problem and a table availability, and both of those came into play. Our server either had too much to do or was overwhelmed, at that hour, and so we were somewhat neglected in the rush of activities. We( the table) split a special salad, advertised as lump crab with tomato's and cucumbers, mostly large pieces of tomato, and 1/2 orders( which are sufficient) of veal stuffed ravioli, eggplant Parmesan and lasagna. Not great choices as the lasagna and eggplant end up having the same texture and sauce. The choices were ours and so it is not fair to judge the meal on what we decided to share.
With several drinks and lots of good Italian bread I managed to put on a few pounds which I will now battle for a day or two.

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