Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two New

As everyone, who reads this, knows we go out a lot. Most of the restaurants are repeats and unless there is something special I am not going to report on the same places over and over.
Since we have gotten back, in town, we have gone to two new spots, for us. Both are in suburban locations and have built their menus around steaks, although they both have several other offerings.

"Tony's" 12110 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, Oh 45249 (513) 677-1993 is headed by Tony Ricci, the long time host at "the Precinct". Now he has his own "show" and is very much in evidence to both his staff and customers. In fact one slight negative might be the "over attention" one, as a guest, receives from the servers.
Our dinner was well prepared, tastee and served at the correct temperature. All important ingredients to any successful meal.
I started with the usual Bombay($8.95) followed by a very good Greek salad, very lightly but pleasantly dressed, which was included with the entree. Wednesday night I choose the Linguine with fresh Muscles. The muscles were sweet and tender and the Linguine "al dente" both up to or above expectations. I also ordered a "side" of Brussels Sprouts, small and firmly prepared. I expected the table to share my "side" but had to "pig out" and eat almost all. Both of the dishes were as advertised and my only suggestion would be the amount of Tasso Ham, and therefore salt, that both of these dishes contained. I have become "salt taste sensitive" and so others might like the strong addition to each of these dishes.
Marilyn had the "house wedge", also included, with her 9 oz, Fillet and baked potato. The fillet and potato were both excellent and the later was large enough that she had some left over for lunch the next day. The potato deserves special mention as it was sweet, nicely crusted and as mentioned quite large.
Total cost, for the two of us, with tax and tip was slightly under $100. It's a long way for us, from the river, but I am sure we will return.

Three nights later we joined another couple at "Eddie Merlot's" 10808 Montgomery Road Cincinnati OH 45242 (513) 489-1212. This restaurant, part of a small group based in Ft. Wayne, IN has been in the area for about two years. The name is fiction( not a real person) and there are currently 5,"stores" operating, all in the mid-west.
The other couple arrived slightly before we and asked to be seated in a more quiet location than the main dining room. That made for a very pleasant, easy to converse evening.
Our server Terry, a large, pleasant and knowledgeable man, was very patient and helpful but his size, in my instance, led him to recommend more that I needed. Of course there was no one with a gun making me eat everything that was served. Bombay here was also $8.95 and I followed with "in house" Gumbo with both chicken and sausage. The tomato base had been blended with a thick rhue and made a fairly heavy and filling first course. It was slightly spicy but I missed the Okra that usually is the thickener. The bowls are attractive and large and "slant cut". Next came a chopped salad, in the same sized bowl which was very refreshing, filling and large, especially considering that it was the half sized portion. (At that point I should have cancel the rest) My main course was "Ceder Planked", grilled Salmon served with fresh spinach and fingerling potato's. I gave the potatoes to Marilyn to go with her 6 oz fillet. She had started with a half Iceberg wedge and so the potato's filled her plate and helped empty mine.
The table shared, for dessert, a "S'more Tart( gram cracker crust, chocolate filling and baby marshmallows) served with both chocolate and Carmel sauce. With coffee and Marilyn's usual Cranberry and club soda the entire evening came in at $120 for the two of us.
The restaurant does offer specially priced dinners but we chose to go "ala carte".

A couple of other comments. We went to the "View" 2200 Victory Parkway for lunch and were impressed with their lunch time selections.
A night at "Cumin" 3520 Erie Ave. reinforced the well know strategy to always, at least listen to the serves ideas, especially on the non standard items. The summer vegetable soup was outstanding.

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