Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catch up

Since we seem to eat out about 4 nights a week we repeat restaurants and even dishes with some regularity.
Once in a while I just have to list a few places with a comment or two, to clear the desk, so here goes.

"JT's" 1639 Orrington Ave. Evanston, IL- heart of Evanston, Breakfast all day, for $9 you can get enough so you don't have to eat till dinner.
"The National Exemplar" 6880 Wooster Pike 45227- the new chef is slowly working in some new items; all the "oldies" are still there but a new Caesar Salad and Sweetbreads have made the scene.
"Oakley Pub and Grill" 3924 Isabella Ave. 45209- we're the oldest by 40 years but there isn't a better Grouper Sandwich in the area. Easy to "carry out" (nicely packed).
"Brio Tuscan Grille" 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY- it's a well run chain Italian with very tasty dishes. I tried the Shrimp Verduta and the flavor and richness were both evident.
"La Poste" 3410 Telford, Clifton- no matter what you eat and drink, and all is good and interesting, save room for the outstanding Bread Pudding
"Oriental Wok" Regency- Hyde Park- appitizers are great, bar available for singles, food cooked to order and they all read the book on hospitality.
"Otto's" 521 Main St. Covington KY- now serving their "take off" on my short ribs( not bad). As I've said before it's one of our "Homes away from Home".
"Carrabba's Italian Grill" 5 mile and Beechmont- another Italian chain, not quite as good as "Brio" but certainly acceptable.
"Great Scott" 3355 Madison Road, Cincinnati- don't go for ambiance but the menu is large and items are well prepared. I've had everything from Walleye to a Hamburger and been satisfied.

There you see how we keep the economy functioning over an 2 to 3 week period.

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