Sunday, November 25, 2012


So what do you do on Thanksgiving? Have family, eat Turkey, watch football and possibly have multiple trips to the airport. Well, we did all, with very little emphasis on the football.
Most of our children, all our Grandchildren, and a nephew, with his family, and a niece, with hers, joined us, so, at the max, we had 22. Here's part of the food run down:

Wednesday night we carried in from "Eli's BBQ" 3313 Riverside Drive 45226 ( Cash or Check only). The order was spread between Pulled Pork and Hickory Smoked Turkey Sandwiches and a large order of Hickory Smoked Ribs. Along with this was plenty of sauce and side orders of Cheese Macaroni, Baked Beans and Cole Slaw.
Next day was here, at Grandma's and Grandpa's, with half of Kroger's on the kitchen counter, we had to save the other half for Saturday lunch.
Thanksgiving evening the whole gang occupied two round tables at Losantiville Country Club. Maximum age at one table was 26. The club provided an ample spread with all the traditional favorites plus, standing rib roast, fried chicken, steamed fish and several different, non traditional, sides. Six different pies were available for those who had room. All of the younger set had everything and several of the older followed suite.
Friday lunch was "Skyline" and "Graeter's" plus additions, always, for those who stoped by for a SNACK.
Friday night was two 17" Pizza's( too large) from "Dewey's Pizza" Madison Road 513-731-7755. One all veggie and one a killer meat combo. Besides the Pizza's, but from the same area ( Oakley) we brought in Grouper Sandwiches and Cheeseburgers from the "Oakley Pub and Grill" 3924 Isabella Ave 513-531-2500. Plenty of crispy slaw and well done French Fries( too thick for my taste) also made the journey. Dessert was Marilyn homemade, and always in demand, "Cracker Crum Pie:" a family favorite.
Saturday, lunch, here, with again the counter loaded with new items and "left overs".
Saturday night we let the staff at the "Oriental Wok" Regency handle the never failing appetites.
Starting with Ribs, Egg Rolls and Pot stickers we worked our way thru; Chinese mustard greens with Chinese sausage, Orange Beef ( my favorite), Shrimp with asparagus, Chicken with Oyster & Shitake mushrooms and the perennial favorite Pad Thai.
For the few left this morning I made an egg scramble with sauteed onions, grape tomato's and chopped Salami. Rye and white toast, jam and orange juice finished the weekend.

It was a wonderful family affair and food was only part of the fun and comradeship.

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