Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Mondays

It is not very often that we go to the same place two Monday's in a row. But when a couple, from Indian Hill, who are good friends, had an open night, on Monday, and we had to once again visit Costco, all things came together and we had dinner last evening at the terrific "Phoenician Taverna" 7944 S.Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040 (513) 770-0027. Once again we were lead through the evening by the delightful owner, Wassim Matar, who also doubled as the Chef last night.
Wassim believes that every dinner, for more than one, should be served "family style" with all partaking of the tastes, aroma's and eye appeal of all the dishes. To him wine is also a necessary beverage for total enjoyment. The wine list at "Taverna" is one of the most price friendly I have ever seen.
Last night our Maze( first courses) were an outstanding eggplant salad, served as a base for a Falafel( fried chickpea patty) drizzled with a yogurt dressing. The two other items, along with the warm Pita loafs, were a wonderful crushed walnut paste, slightly sweet and very slightly spiced and a Tabbouleh( parsley salad with diced tomato's and onions) bright green and reeking of healthiness.
Our two, shared, Main Courses were the outstanding Lamb Shank( described in an earlier posting, under "A Glass of Wine) and small slices of roast lamb( medium) with a Lebanese pesto. The roast lamb was accompanied by slices of oven fried potato's, perfectly done.
The wife, of our friends, had Chardonnay by the glass( $4.50) while the other gentleman and I managed to kill a bottle of highly acceptable "Cote de Rhone"( unbelievably $17).
We skipped dessert but did end up with coffee, a must for Marilyn.
Doubt that we'll return next Monday night, but I would be willing, three in a row is a charm.

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