Monday, November 12, 2012

"Fit for a Chef"

Last night Marilyn and I along with Todd Kelly( "Orchid's") and his wife, Emily, had dinner at the "Oriental Wok" Regency in Hyde Park. I had made arrangements with Guy Burgess, the chef, and Susannah Wong, his wife for the occasion. We left ourselves in the hands of these two and Guy produced and outstanding meal. I will try to recount as best I can, using some author's licence.

After drinks, and there was a bit of this through out the evening, Guy started us with 4 individual plates holding Jelly Fish Slaw, Beef Tendon and Pork Belly. The Slaw had pieces of gelatinous "jelly fish" marinated with crispy bean sprouts, scallion slices and carrot strips. Pungent, crisp and tasty, as well as attractive.
The Beef Tendon had been roasted to a beautiful pink with the meat surrounded by the tendon caseing, again a gelatinous material and a favorite of Marilyn. On the other hand the Pork Belly had a crispy, seasoned out side with the tender meat beneath.
Next came a steaming bowl of Chinese Beef Soup. The broth was fairly clear and it contained small clumps of ground beef, pure white firm dough pieces, bright green fresh peas, scallion bits and herbs and spices light enough not to cover the flavors of the individual items.
This was followed by Moo Shu Duck. A large platter of roasted duck brest arrived with three large pieces sliced into small individual helpings. The thin pancakes and sides of cucumber strips and again scallion slices were offered along with indidual helpings of plumb sauce. A perfect build you own creation. Some built while others just dipped.( Have no idea what changes the type). A friend sent over a half bottle of red wine, and who are we to refuse.

These were all the preamble to the three main( bad pun) courses. Maine Lobster Cantonese, a two pound Lobster cut into pieces and cooked in a favorable sauce. One has to wrestle with the shell but the end product is well worth the little effort. Bright Chinese Greens, steamed and doused with a light butter sauce and a large pot of Chinese Grilled Sausage and perfectly prepared white rice filled our table, and the rest of our stomachs. Who could resist a Kentucky Bourbon barrel aged beer, with these items.
Coffee, tea and a light dessert of fresh fruit and lichee nuts augmented with mango pudding triangles finished the stuffing of 4 happy dinners. Thanks to all at the "Oriental Wok" for a wonderful evening.

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