Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Eat's

When Marilyn was in college, in Boston, she frequented a "hole in the wall" eating place with a sign in the window that said "Good Eat's".
There are some that fit that description, here ( Cincinnati), but quite a few others who aren't "holes in the wall" but still offer "Good Eats"; here are a few:

"BrewRiver GastroPub" 2062 Riverside Drive 513-861-2484. This reconditioned BrewPub has taken over "Mirabelle's" old spot with, in my opinion, a better chef and more interesting menu. The Chef is Michael Shields and his New Orleans training comes through in many of his dishes. Early last week we, joined by a friend, had a delicious Walleye dinner. The perfectly sauteed fish was presented on a bed of pureed Cauliflower, seasoned to perfection. Also on the plate were Asparagus Spears and quartered fresh tomato's. A pleasing dish to the taste and the eye. I had their recommended Blonde Ale and was very satisfied. Our friend chose Buttermilk Amish Chicken with a side of spicy cole slaw. For dessert the three of us split an order of "Arrogant Brownies", three rich and chewy, drizzled with Carmel sauce.
We have also been there for lunch and have had salads, BLT's, Muffaletta's and fine Hamburger's. Give the place a try.

"Alfio's Buon Ciba" 2724 Erie Ave. 45208 (513) 321-0555 has taken over the space on Hyde Park Square last occupied by "Poco a Poco". The Chef, Alfio Gulisano, left "The View" and opened this restaurant approximately 2 weeks ago. There are still a few items to work out but the food is very acceptable and the service is improving. The hospitaity is first rate.
Marilyn and I split an excellent Iceberg Wedge Salad with a slightly spicy Crab and Basil dressing, both items complimented each other perfectly. My main course was Pan seared Scallops on fresh spinach and fettuccine, all in a light cream and wine sauce. Marilyn had roast Veal Short Ribs, very tasty but somewhat chewy. The ribs were served on soft Polenta, decorated with green Asparagus. A most attractive and hearty dish.

"Cumin" Eclectic Cuisine" 3520 Erie Ave 45208 (513) 871-8714. I like what Owen Mass has done to the menu at "Cumin" but some of the prices are beginning to reach " over the top" levels. An example is an appetizer of sweetbread's with 4 small pieces for $16.
My main course was a beautifully done Elk Chop, fixed in the "soui-vie" fashion and served with sliced mushrooms and Polenta while Marilyn stuck with the Agnolotti, large ravioli, stuffed with cheese and spinach. The glass of Cotes de Rhone was a nice pour and went wonderfully with the Elk. I hope that commodities allow the prices to stabilize as I enjoy dining at "Cumin" and hope pricing does not drive us away.

Some brief info on Over The Rhine (OTR).
"The Anchor" 1401 Race St 45202 (513) 421-8111 is now open for lunch as well as dinner. The combo plate for $11 includes either a cup of very rich, and good, chowder or a salad and half of several interesting sandwiches. I had the oyster Poor-Boy.
Some new spots about to open( probably in the next three months) are "Zula" a wine bar and tapas place just across the street from "The Anchor" on Race St. "Hapa" Vietnamese fusion at 14th and Vine and "Kaze" Japanese, also in the same neighborhood. We are blessed with the spirit of expansion in the eating out area.

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