Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've received more comments about no new postings than I thought I had readers. There have been some major distractions but I'll try to "feed"( bad pun) the hungry masses.
I know that I reported on the Indonesian Restaurant and Twist. We have been out since then but not to a lot of new spots. We did hit some of our favorites, Honey, Bonefish, Terry's etc but since our opinion doesn't change I don't add new comments.
We did go with another couple to "Jean Ro Bistro" and I didn't have my usual wonderful onion soup. They had excellent split pea soup, another of my favorites. It is well pureed and made with very sweet, fresh peas, delicious. That night Marilyn and I split an order of calf's liver, also good. Be prepared for a $3 split charge on an Entree. One of our companions had C'oq-au-vin which looked delicious. The chicken was wonderfully browned and the sauce was rich and flavorful. The bread they served, our table, had just come from the oven and was not only warm but beautifully crusty. Next time, I believe, I'll have that main course, the bread and some red wine, I can hardly wait.
Tonight we are "carrying in" food from "Wild Ginger" and tomorrow evening we're off to "Prima Vista". We're, obviously, getting in the swing of things again.
Further reports will follow.

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