Sunday, December 16, 2007


Tucked away in a shopping center south of Dayton is Meadowlark, 2094 Miami-Centerville Rd. Dayton, Ohio-937-434-4750. Closed on Sunday nights and all day Monday. Handicapped accessible and free parking.
Meadowlark is run by several women who started in the food business in Yellow Springs, OH. and have expanded to the Dayton area. Dayton should be happy to have them. There food is inventive, flavorful and well priced. The decor is clean, not fancy, and guests are made to feel "right at home" by the attentive service staff.
We have eaten there twice and each time has been a treat. Good food, service, atmosphere and price. We ate last night with a couple who had recently moved to Dayton. We braved the elements but it was worth the one hour trip from our Cincinnati home.
The do not serve spirits, so if you must have a drink before dinner stop at your favorite "watering hole" or grab one, only, before setting out. Meadowlark does offer both beer and wine. Their wine selection is varied and as reasonable as the food.
Last night Marilyn and I split and order of Macaroni and Cheese and roasted Mustard Crusted Chicken Thighs, both specials. The Macaroni had melted Gruyere, Sharp Cheddar and a little Blue. It was run under the broiler for a few minutes with breadcrumbs to form a delicious and crunchy topping. The thighs had been coated with three mustard's, roasted and again dusted with seasoned crumbs. This was served with a fresh vegetable mix and mashed potatoes. We asked to have a substitute for the potatoes, since we had enough starch with the Macaroni. We received as a replacement, for the potatoes, roasted chilled beets with goat cheese.
Being the largest eater in the group I began my dinner with pureed Cauliflower Soup. We also ended by splitting a "Black Bottom Carmel Pudding".
The other couple, both, had beautiful looking Grilled Trout. They split a green salad, as a starter and ended with the same dessert as we, in equal quantity. We all split a bottle of California Claret, although neither of the wives drink, too bad.
The bill with a 20% tip came to $75 per couple. It was well worth braving the storm.

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