Monday, December 17, 2007

Finger Foods

If you have forgotten what the title means I refer you back to June 3, for it's first use. Knowing is not a necessity.
I mentioned a few days ago we were going to "carry in" from "Wild Ginger" Our daughter is in a transitional unit of a nursing facility, get her strength back from a hospital stay. The place has a very nice private dinning room and we use it for family gatherings. We provide the food and "hot tray", they do the rest. The Wild Ginger meal consisted of Chicken Pot Stickers, Walleye, pan fried, in a lightly spiced sauce, along with spinach and broccoli, Pineapple Fried Rice and "Wild Ginger Noodles" a spaghetti type noodle with scallions to which we added fresh asparagus and cashew nuts. The food at Wild Ginger is quite good, but as with any "carry out" it looses something in translation (or transportation). It's better than institutional food no matter how well the institution does.
The next night it was back to Prima Vista, one of our favorites (comments earlier on the Blog) We enjoy the food, service and view, and their drinks aren't bad either. Marilyn have Veal Piccatta while I had a wonderful fresh Red Snapper in a Lobster Sauce with lobster chunks on top, hardly rich. Their salads are crisp and the vinaigrette is quite tasty. Marilyn had a side of pasta, which is only right for an Italian Restaurant.

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