Sunday, December 2, 2007


The last entree told about a low key good restaurant. This is about the newest "hot spot" in Downtown. Pigall's Twist Lounge and Bar, the full name, opened this week. We were there last night after the Symphony. The crowd was a mix of young and old, local politicians, downtowners and "after art's events" patrons with some spill over from Pigall's next door. This is just who the management, Jean Robert, is trying to attract. As is said, the place was full of "the usual suspects".
The lounge is located on 4th St next to Pigall's Restaurant, between Race and Elm. The building, the East of the restaurant, was purchase by Jean Robert, his partners, and the first floor was gutted. Along the west wall is a long full service bar, with seating and standing room. The rest of the room is filled with small tables and chairs, easy and more formal. It is an attractive space and last night was alive. There are a few steps inside the entrance so I am not sure how wheel chairs can navigate. There is Valet parking. I don't know the hours and for that I apologize. A call to Pigall's can fill in all the details.
Prices, for the location and proprietors, are very reasonable. Possibly some of the lowest "wine by the glass" prices in the area; and the wines are quite good. The small plates, "bites" are equally well priced. There are about a dozen different bites from which to choose.
Our party of 4 had 4 glasses of wine, plus a sparkling water and 3 small plates. Our choices were, fois gras, duck and a "Tower Castle", a take off on White Castle but eons above their offering. Each plate had enough to share a bit and still feel there was sufficient to go with your wine. Our bill, including a generous tip, came to a total of $70. Not White Castle prices but then neither was the food, wine, atmosphere or service.

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