Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bettas Italian Cuisine

Thursday night we and another couple were having a drink and some "nosh"(bites), at our house, when we decided to go have some basic Italian food, nothing fancy. Bettas at 1026 Delta Ave, Mt Lookout Square,45208, hit the "bill". This family restaurant is nothing fancy, decor or food, but is a place for "standards" and home made red sauce.
We all started with a simple, green, tossed salad with one's choice of dressing, I choose vinaigrette. Next we had 2 orders of Lasagna, one vegetarian and the other with meat, one spaghetti with meat sauce and my Veal Parmigiana. All were accompanied with a large slice of Garlic Bread, and the Veal had a "side "of spaghetti. All were served hot and everything came "as advertised". On the table is a shaker of cheese and one of red pepper flakes. They have desserts, however, none of us partook, although they looked tempting.
The two couples split the check which amounted, on this divided basis, to $26 per couple. We were the last to leave at approximately 9:30. not a place for the late night crowd.

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