Sunday, December 23, 2007


Last night ten of us spent an evening at "Slim's", 4046 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223- 513-681-6500. We arrived at 6:30 and departed 4 hours later. During that time we each consumed 3 courses, two different "enticements, several split desserts and 7 bottles of wine, three red, two white and two Champagne.
Slims does not serve alcoholic drinks but most customers arrive with bottles of wine or beer. I do not remember seeing anything harder. There is no service charge and they gladly supply the proper glassware. Incidentally, the entrance is a ground level and so is handicapped accessible. I heartily recommend reservations.
The menu is price fixed at $40 each for a three course meal consisting of a starter, salad and an entree. The food has a definite South American of southern European bent.
I started with a Ecuadorian seafood soup. The base was coconut milk and a chicken broth to which was added chopped shrimps and clams plus diced tomato pieces and minced onion and coconut meat. It was slightly sweet but had a "kick" although no aftertaste. This was followed by an orange and pomegranate seed salad with goat cheese and mixed greens. For my main course I had sea scallops served over pepper fettuccine with a light cream and cherrezo sauce.
The hit of the entrees, since we all tasted several, was a marinated roasted pork belly. It had been marinated in a citrus vinaigrette and was juicy, tender and flavorful. Other entrees were plantain crusted halibut, sliced Beef tenderloin, Pork tenderloin and several others including a vegetarian selection. The food, of course, is cooked to order and everything was interesting and tasty, although I thought the Pork tenderloin was a bit on the dry side. The accompanying side of corn pudding was excellent. The place was full and noisy with people enjoying themselves and lindgered, as we did. In spited of this the service was good and no one was rushed. There my have been a few tables that turned over and groups seem to range from 2 to our group of ten.
It's certainly a place to revisit on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night, as those are the only time they are open.

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